An Introduction To Using A Cello

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An Introduction To Using A Cello

An Introduction To Using A Cello

23 June 2022
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Are you curious about playing a string instrument and have considered playing the cello? If so, you'll likely be seeking out lessons to teach you the skills you need. Here is what you can expect to learn during your first lesson about holding the cello and using the bow

Holding The Cello

Everything starts with knowing the right way to hold the cello so that you have a good foundation for playing. Start by sitting in the chair with your feet equally apart on the floor. You'll want to be comfortable with your knees slightly lower than your hips. If your knees are above your hips, then your chair is too short and you should seek out a taller chair.

The spike of the cello should be placed right so that it is positioned between your feet, but it should still be outward enough so that the cello rests against your chest. The cello should be positioned so that the top is to the left side of your head, and you are not moving your neck due to the position of the cello. 

Holding The Bow

You always play a cello by holding the bow with your right arm, even if you're left-handed. You should be moving the bow so that it moves in a completely straight line and doesn't shift while playing. This involves being disciplined with your shoulder, elbows, and wrist since the movement comes from the elbow joint.

The way that you hold the bow is very important when you start learning to play the cello. However, each person may need to figure out their own grip based on the size of their hand compared to the bow, with an adult requiring a different type of grip than a child. In general, it helps to keep your fingers slightly apart so that they are not too rigid. 

Placing The Bow

Know that there are different sound qualities that happen depending on how close you play to the fingerboard. If you place the bow near the top, it is going to cause the cello to produce a more breathy sound. As you move down and away from the fingerboard, you need to apply more weight to the bow as you move it. You'll also notice that the quality of the sound is different since it projects more from the instrument.

Learning these fundamentals when playing the cello is key to setting you up for long-term success. Keep these tips in mind when looking for cello lessons near you.

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