Ensure Payment For Use Of Your Music With Cue Reporting Software

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Ensure Payment For Use Of Your Music With Cue Reporting Software

Ensure Payment For Use Of Your Music With Cue Reporting Software

31 July 2023
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Are you a music artist who has been approached by Hollywood about possibly using some of your music in a TV show or film? Do you run a production company that works with multiple music artists who might have their songs used in this way? In order to ensure every musical artist is properly paid for use of their songs, you may need to file a cue report with the right organization. Here's what a cue report is and why you might want to use cue reporting software to streamline this process.

A Cue Report Tracks Song Usage for Shows and Movies

A cue report or sheet tracks various data related to the use of a song in a TV show, movie or other performance. It logs the name of the song, the duration of the song within the show or movie ,and everyone that was involved in the making of that song who would be entitled to royalties from its usage.

For example, if a song was used for 30 seconds during a scene in a TV show, the songwriter, composer and performer might each be entitled to a certain amount of royalties as a result of the song's usage. If you are one of those individuals who is entitled to royalties, you will want to make sure proper documentation is in place.

Cue Reporting Software Helps You Stay Organized

If you are an artist whose songs are frequently sampled or used in this fashion or you own a music production company with multiple artists who might have their songs used, you will have a hard time keeping track of every last song use without something to help you stay organized.

Rapidcue or other music reporting software can help you do just that. It will help you create a log of every song that is used across a wide variety of media and it will keep a database of every person that was involved in the development of the song. Using this software can ensure that no one gets overlooked and everyone gets the amount of royalties they deserve from usage of the song.

Cue Reporting Software Ensures Faster Payment

Once you enter a new song into your music report cue sheet software with all of the right information, you can simply make a new entry when another song is used and the software will populate the necessary information. This means you can immediately file the report sheet with whoever needs it in order to send out royalty payments. Cue reporting software streamlines the payment process and allows people to get the money they are owed faster.

Contact a local company to learn more about different software, like Rapidcue.

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