Decisions To Make When You Hire A Singer For An Event

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Decisions To Make When You Hire A Singer For An Event

Decisions To Make When You Hire A Singer For An Event

5 May 2022
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A live singer can add a festive and fun feel to all sorts of events. If you feel that this type of performer would be a good fit for an occasion that you're planning, an internet search will present you with numerous singers for hire in your area. While you'll need to think about what type of music you feel will be the best choice for your event, there are several other topics to think about. Making decisions about this list of topics will help you to easily narrow down your choices of performers.

With Or Without An Instrument

One of the first topics you'll need to consider as you look for a singer for your event is whether or not you want the performer to play an instrument. You'll find all sorts of singers who can just strictly sing and others who can play an instrument such as a piano or guitar as an accompaniment to their voice. Both options can be appealing, so consider what option you feel might be a better fit for your event. When you browse a singer's website, you'll commonly find that they have a list of instruments that they can play.


You'll also need to think about what gender you want your singer to be. If you have a few specific songs in mind that you want the singer to perform, you may lean in a certain direction. For example, if you're hiring a jazz singer and you've made a list of jazz songs that you'll ask your entertainer to sing, you may feel that having a female singer perform the music is the right fit for your event if you've commonly heard women singers perform these songs.

Length Of Performance

It's also a good idea to think about how long you want the performance to be. Knowing this information will help you to choose your singer. When you look at different performers' websites, you'll see their hourly rates and other relevant information. Some singers have minimum lengths for which you can hire them. For example, while you might be able to hire some singers for just an hour, others may want a minimum commitment of two hours. If the singer you favor takes the latter approach, it's worth noting that they don't need to sing for two straight hours. Instead, they could give a pair of short, separate performances over the course of this time span. 

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