Book A Mariachi Band For Your Wedding

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Book A Mariachi Band For Your Wedding

Book A Mariachi Band For Your Wedding

28 December 2021
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Few things can add a fun, upbeat vibe to a wedding reception as much as live music. If you want to book a live wedding band for your big day, one of the first things that you'll need to decide is what type of band you want. While there are lots of advantages to choosing a group of musicians that can play all sorts of music, there may be times that you favor hiring a band that focuses exclusively on one genre. If so, one appealing option is a mariachi band. This style of music can be appropriate if you and your soon-to-be spouse have Hispanic backgrounds, but you may favor mariachi music even if this isn't the case. Here are some reasons to choose this type of band.

Colorful Attire

A lot of wedding musicians will dress in standard formalwear, such as suits, but you can expect that your mariachi band will wear vibrant traditional outfits that can add fun to your wedding reception. When you talk to the band's representative, you may even wish to inquire about what attire the band has available. It's possible that they can present you with a few color options, and you may then wish to request that the band dresses in a color that suits your wedding theme.

Fun Photo Ops

You might not take photos with a standard wedding band, but having a mariachi band at your reception can make for some fun photo opportunities. You'll want to clear these ideas with the band in advance, but if every member is in favor, you can pose for some portraits with the band standing around you. Doing so can create a unique, upbeat look for some of your wedding shots. You may even wish to get creative and wear two of the band members' sombreros for a memorable shot.

Good Fit With Your Food

It can be useful to think about what type of cuisine you'll be offering at your reception. Many weddings feature Mexican-inspired food, given the wide popularity of this fare. If you're planning a casual reception in which tacos, chips and guacamole, fajitas, and more are all going to be on the menu, it can be a good match to book a mariachi band for the event. Watching your guests munch on this fare and perhaps sip some margaritas as they listen to the cheerful mariachi music in the background can give your reception a fun and memorable vibe.

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