Want The Perfect First Dance For Your Small Elegant Wedding? Start With A Live Band And Dance Lessons

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Want The Perfect First Dance For Your Small Elegant Wedding? Start With A Live Band And Dance Lessons

Want The Perfect First Dance For Your Small Elegant Wedding? Start With A Live Band And Dance Lessons

30 January 2020
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If you have been wondering what you have to do to have the perfect first dance at your small wedding, and you don't think your venue is a place where you want to have a DJ, you may want to have live music instead. There are a lot of different things you can do to prepare for your reception, and to make sure that your first dance is the most memorable you ever have with your spouse.

Set a budget for the entertainment for your wedding. Then consider the following to help make the big day and first dance go flawlessly.

Live Wedding Band

Dancing to a live band is a very romantic way to start your wedding, and it allows your guests to feel the energy of the music coming from the musicians, instead of from a speaker. For an intimate experience with your small wedding, the band will be a great centerpiece. Interview a few different bands to find out what band will play the style of music you're looking for, the size of band you need, and who is available and with the right price. Be sure to see your band or videos of them playing live, and to ask what their playlists are.

Dance Lessons

You want to have the right moves when you are listening to a live band perform your wedding first dance song. Find a service that offers dancing lessons and look into different options. You may not want to do the waltz, but there are other dances you can learn to do. This will be the perfect way to present yourselves in your new partnership, moving in sync.

Wedding Party Dance

It doesn't matter if your wedding party is large or small, talk with them about the dance you would like them to do when they're announced. If you don't want them making crazy faces or acting wild, send them a video of how you would like them to dance, so they have an idea. This way it can go from your first dance into the introduction of the wedding party as you imagine.

If you are having a small intimate wedding and you want it to feel romantic and classic, then you want to get a live band and you want to be prepared with dance lessons. Get costs for everything and talk with your wedding party about what your expectations are.

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