The Key To Finding A High-Quality Piano Tuner

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The Key To Finding A High-Quality Piano Tuner

The Key To Finding A High-Quality Piano Tuner

28 September 2019
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When you have your piano tuned, you want to make sure that you have a true professional tune your piano. With modern tuning tools, it is easy for someone to claim that they can tune your piano. However, a piano tuning professional will have more skills and knowledge than just an app to see if your piano is in tune. They will know how your piano works, and how to get the perfect sound out of your piano.  

Use the Piano Technician Guild

There is not currently a college degree program for piano tuners. However, there is a piano technicians guild that provides people with the chance to earn a piano tuning certification. In order to earn this certification, they have to pass one written exam as well as two hands-on tests. 

With the hands-on test, they have to show that they can work on both a grand piano and an upright piano. They also have to pass a tuning test, where they will have to take an out-of-tune piano and get the piano up to the master level of quality.  

You have to pass these tests with a high score in order to become a certified piano tuner.  

When you look for a piano tuner, look for one that is part of the piano technician guild. That means that the piano tuner has passed special testing and is recognized by the governing body for piano tuners for their performance.   

Ask for Referrals

Next, when it comes to tuning your piano, one of the best ways to find a high-quality piano tuner is through recommendations. Ask other friends or family members who have a piano tuner who they used to tune their piano. If you or your children take piano classes, ask the instructor who they use or would recommend to tune their pianos. They will have lots of interactions with people in the piano industry and should be able to direct you to a great piano tuner.   

Call the Piano Manufacturer

Finally, you can also call the manufacturer who made your piano. They may have a list of technicians who are specifically trained to tune their pianos that they can connect you with. This can be a great way to find a technician who will really get your piano.  

When it comes to finding a great piano tuner, look for someone who has real experience. Look for someone who is certified and who is referred by others.  

For more information, reach out to companies like Atlanta Piano Tuning By Ear – Ask For Manny. 

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