Rocking The Golden Years: Why Learning To Play The Guitar Is A Healthy Hobby For Senior Citizens

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Rocking The Golden Years: Why Learning To Play The Guitar Is A Healthy Hobby For Senior Citizens

Rocking The Golden Years: Why Learning To Play The Guitar Is A Healthy Hobby For Senior Citizens

13 February 2019
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If you're thinking about learning to play the guitar but wonder if it may be too late, you're not alone. Many seniors often have doubts about their ability to learn a new skill. However, learning to play the guitar is not only possible for senior citizens, it may even have health benefits.

Improved cognitive and motor skills

Studies show the importance of keeping your mind active as you age. Learning to play the guitar will keep multiple areas of the brain engaged in a simultaneous manner. This process involves high levels of concentration, which can help stimulate your memory process.

Social benefits

Loneliness and depression are common problems experienced by many seniors. Retiring from their job, experiencing the empty nest, or losing a partner are life circumstances that often lead to seniors feeling alone and isolated. Playing the guitar may be just what the doctor ordered to keep you emotionally healthy.

Taking guitar lessons with a private instructor or at your local adult education center will get you out of the house on a regular basis. You will also meet new people with similar interests. Learning a new hobby is always exciting and can boost your confidence.

Healing benefits

Music can be soothing to those who are hurting. If you are dealing with loss or health concerns, learning to play the guitar can ease stress and anxiety and will keep your mind focused on more positive things. Learning to play a song that is uplifting and encouraging is a great way to refresh your mind and spirit.

All fun, no pressure

Learning to play the guitar in your senior years is a lot different than playing as a younger person. If you are simply playing for a hobby, you will have no pressure to complete a certain amount of practice lessons each week. There will be no pressure to perform if you don't want to, and you will have more room in your schedule to take lessons than a younger person struggling to fit in lessons between juggling a career and family.

If you are interested in playing the guitar but have been holding back because of your age, don't wait another day. Not only will playing the guitar boost your confidence in your ability to learn a new skill, it also has great health benefits. You will gain a great hobby while at the same time keeping your mind sharp and active.

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