5 Thoughtful Gifts For The Budding Guitarist In Your Life

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5 Thoughtful Gifts For The Budding Guitarist In Your Life

5 Thoughtful Gifts For The Budding Guitarist In Your Life

16 May 2016
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For the non-musician, buying a gift for a beginning guitarist can often be a challenge. When shopping for a gift for the guitar player in your life, it's a good idea to think outside the box. Some guitar stores sell personalized accessories for musicians. In addition, you may find handy little gadgets that would make life a bit easier for the budding musician in your life. Strike a strong note and consider the following gift ideas for your musician friend or loved one:

1. Personalized Guitar Picks

Your budding guitar player probably doesn't have many guitar picks just yet. Ask your favorite guitar store if they offer personalized guitar picks. You may have to custom order these, which could take a week or two to process.

The nice thing about personalized guitar picks is that you have several options available for customization. For instance, you can have a name or initials engraved on the pick, or if you prefer, a short message or saying. Take it one step further and ask about photo personalization. Upload a photo or image and make your guitar pick gift extra special.

2. Music Lessons at the Guitar Store

Even for someone playing "by ear", a newbie musician can always benefit from professional guitar lessons. Inquire from your local guitar store if they offer music lessons for beginners. If so, consider a gift certificate for the lessons. This thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated.

3. Guitar Instruction Book

Most any budding guitarist would appreciate a "how-to" book for beginners. Just about any music store should have a few in stock. Look for books with illustrated photos. Some books are packaged with CDs, videos or even computer software programs to enhance the learning.

4. A Guitar Storage Solution

For someone starting out, finding a spot to store their guitar while keeping it close for easy access is a new challenge. Perhaps your favorite musician has limited storage space at home. Scout your local guitar store for a handy little gadget known as a guitar wall hanger.

The hanger simply attaches to any wall with included hardware. Simply hang the guitar on the hook for a simple storage solution and thoughtful gift. Be sure to ask about guitar weight limitations.

5. Guitar Practice Tool

The beginner will need plenty of practice. For times when lugging around a guitar isn't practical, a guitar practice tool is ideal. This lightweight, handheld gadget features 6 frets and adjustable strings. Best of all, it is pocket-sized and it can be practiced almost anywhere. Ask your guitar store associate if they offer this useful tool.

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