How To Help Improve Your Child's Embouchure

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How To Help Improve Your Child's Embouchure

How To Help Improve Your Child's Embouchure

3 March 2016
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If you have a child that plays a wind instrument, chances are good that you are going to hear the word embouchure thrown around by your child's band director or by your child him or herself. This is an important word for you to know because the quality of your child's embouchure will determine how well he or she is able to play and how long he or she is able to play for. The embouchure is the way that your child holds his or her mouth, lips, and jaw to play his or her instrument correctly. If your child does not have a correct embouchure, he or she will get tired more quickly while playing and have lower sound quality. Here are some ways to help your child improve his or her embouchure.

1. Use a Rear View Camera

The easiest way to help your child improve his or her embouchure is to use a rear view camera. A rear view camera will allow your child to see what his or her face looks like while he or she is playing in real time. This will allow your child to make micro adjustments while he or she is practicing so that he or she can keep a correct embouchure at all times.

To use a rear view camera, you will need to make sure that it is mounted so that your child can easily see him or herself. Go to a camera store and purchase a mount for your camera that has a clip that can be clipped to a music stand. Once the camera is properly mounted, you will need an image of a person playing with proper embouchure so that your child has a reference for comparison. Go online and try to find a picture of a person playing the same instrument that your child plays from a major orchestra. People playing in an orchestra are likely to have good embouchures. Try to make sure that the angle of the picture is the same angle at which your child is going to be viewing him or herself.

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2. Get a Private Teacher for Your Child

Next, be certain that your child has access to a private music instructor who will be able to spend one-on-one time with your child and be able to correct his or her embouchure as he or she plays. This will allow you to be absolutely certain that your child has the correct embouchure. Ask your child's instructor to help your child get into the correct embouchure position and then take pictures of your child in this position from many angles. This will work as a better frame of reference that your child can use while he or she is practicing. 

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