3 Reasons You Should Opt For In-Person Piano Lessons

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3 Reasons You Should Opt For In-Person Piano Lessons

3 Reasons You Should Opt For In-Person Piano Lessons

10 February 2016
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If you are starting to learn the piano, you may find online lessons helpful. They allow you to fit a lesson into your busy schedule and to practice at home on your own piano as opposed to going to a teacher's studio. They also may be slightly more affordable and give you a greater choice of instructors. However, before you sign up with an online teacher, you should consider the many benefits of taking your piano lessons in person. 

Better Viewing Angles

When you take piano lessons in person, both you and your instructor are free to move around in order to get the best viewing angle to see various skills and methods. For example, if you are having difficulty understanding how your piano teacher shifts their hands when moving up or down the keyboard, you can simply move your head to one side to see what they are doing more clearly.

However, if you are taking an online lesson, both you and your teacher can only see from the angle your webcams are pointing. This means your teacher may miss some mistakes they could easily correct in person and you may struggle to understand various techniques that are easily demonstrated in person. 

Physical Correction of Your Posture 

One of the most critical aspects of playing the piano is your posture. Good posture gives you greater focus and control over your extremities. Also, the curve of your hand and fingers is highly important. These are things that a piano teacher can easily correct during in-person lessons by simply placing a hand on your lower back, pulling back on your shoulders, or cupping your hands for you. 

Explaining these corrections without physical cues can take more time out of your lessons. Also, it is more likely that you will have to remember the correct posture on your own, self-correcting when you make mistakes, meaning that it may take you longer to play with the correct posture regularly. 

Better Sound Quality 

Learning a musical instrument online makes you dependent on the quality of your teacher's microphone and your speakers when you are learning how various chords and combinations should sound. If you or your teacher does not have high-quality equipment, it may take you longer to figure out complex rhythms and basic music theory. 

Although online lessons have many benefits, there are a few features that in-person lessons offer that cannot be virtually simulated. 

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