3 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Piano

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3 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Piano

3 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Piano

2 February 2016
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Investing in a used piano is a great way to get what you need to practice on your skills. The only thing about buying a used piano that you should be concerned about is what kind of shape it is in, as you don't want to end up having to spend a lot of money to get it fixed. Let's go over a few of the questions that should be asked when planning to purchase a used piano.

Where Has the Seller Been Storing the Piano?

The reason it is important to know where a used piano has been stored is because it can help you get an idea of what the internal condition of it might be like. For instance, a piano that has been stored in a humid environment might have damage to the wood on the inside that you don't notice when you make the purchase. The moisture from humidity can cause the wood to become warped and covered in mold. You must do a thorough inspection of the outside of the piano because the external damages can point to problems on the inside. Simply look for mold and deformed wood to determine if the piano has been exposed to a lot of moisture.

Was the Owner in the Habit of Getting the Piano Tuned?

It is important for a piano to be tuned on occasion to make sure that the sounds are right when you are playing. If the owner did keep up with getting the piano tuned, it can lead to you having to spend money to do it after you have purchased. Getting a piano tuned can be expensive when the lack of tuning has led to the strings getting damaged, as the repair will involve repairing parts instead of simple tuning. When strings are badly damaged from not being tuned, they might have to undergo a pitch raise. The bad thing about a pitch raise is that it can damage your piano from the tension created by the strings in the process if it is not done by a skilled professional.

Are the Hammers in Good Shape?

The hammers in a piano are vital for getting a good sound because they are used for striking the strings. You don't want to invest in a used piano that has compacted hammers because it can lead to some of the sounds being louder than they should be, which can interfere with you playing notes the right way. Compacted hammers are usually the result of a piano being used for a long time and not undergoing much maintenance. A used piano is a worthy investment when you know exactly what to look for to get a good deal. Go to sites that discuss pianos for more information.   

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