Going "Full Irish" On Saint Patrick's Day

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Going "Full Irish" On Saint Patrick's Day

Going "Full Irish" On Saint Patrick's Day

21 January 2016
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These days, too many people use Saint Patrick's Day as a simple excuse to get drunk. While there's nothing wrong with having a little fun, you are more interested in celebrating the holiday in a more Irish manner. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a drink of green beer: but it does mean you should dress in traditional gear and listen to some traditional music. Nothing connects Erin and her children to her green hills more fully than the beautiful folk songs that rang out in olden times.

Dressing In Full Irish Garb

Throwing on green beads and a plastic "leprechaun" hat is simply not Irish enough if you truly want to celebrate your heritage. You need to invest in some real Irish clothes, clothes that truly reflect the unique fashion history of the island.

While men can definitely get away with a kilt, a long tunic shirt, and a bodkin you should also try other styles, including

  • Aran sweaters
  • Traditional hats
  • Gaelic shoes

Women have a little bit more diversity of approach when it comes to Irish fashion. They typically utilize long, flowing dresses with large collars and excessive material at the sleeves. That extra material is designed to give you room to dance, something that any Irish person should be doing on Saint Patrick's Day.

Blasting Traditional Irish Music

Irish folk music has a tone and a style that is hard to replicate and impossible to forget. Try to find Irish folk bands near you on Saint Patrick's Day, bands that know famous Irish folk songs. However, if you can't find any bands playing Irish music, you can always play a CD or mp3 recording of traditional Irish music.

Where in the world can you find traditional Irish music? These days, it's all over! Even in the last five years, a rapid series of releases by incredibly talented and exciting bands, including

  • Bua, "Down The Green Fields"
  • Solas, "Shamrock City"
  • The Green Fields Of America, self titled

If these new artists don't really get you going, you can always try out some old-time favorites, including:

  • The Chieftains, "Water From The Well"
  • Altan,"Harvest Storm"
  • Cherish The Ladies,"Woman of the House"

Now that you have gotten out your traditional garb and music, you can still celebrate Saint Patrick's Day the modern way: with lots and lots of beer. And by remembering all the hope and joy that Ireland's patron saint brought to the island.

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